4x Global Research Archive

Welcome to the 4X Global Research Archive, where you can find the summaries of previously published FIRMS Reports by Director and Founder Olivier Desbarres economist and rates & FX strategist.

Founded in 2017, 4X Global Research provides both institutional and corporate clients with substantive research on emerging and G20 economies and financial markets. Its high-quality analysis and insights enable investors to make both informed and timely decisions to gain an edge in their investments. 

The flagship Fixed Income Research and Macro Strategy (FIRMS) publication is a comprehensive, incisive and opportune weekly publication, covering investment topics most relevant to subsequent portfolio and investment returns.

Prior to founding 4X Global Research, Oliver Desbarres worked for 15 years as a Senior Economist, Rates and FX Strategist for Credit Suisse and Barclays in Moscow, London and Singapore. He was Head of Asia-Pacific FX Strategy at Barclays in Singapore and the focal point for G10 research during Asian trading hours, conducting macro analysis of G10 economies, currencies and interest rate markets. His team was highly ranked by several institutions and polls and frequently quoted in the written press.

After leaving investment banking Olivier ran a Macro & FX Research website, with subscribers in 77 countries in Europe, America, Asia-Pacific, Africa and the Middle East who worked for, amongst others, Fortune 500, FTSE-100 and S&P 500 companies and some of Europe’s 150 largest corporations.

Should you wish to discuss a subscription to 4X Global Research’s FIRMS Report or other research products and services, please email contact@4xgr.com or call +44 (0)20 3811 0454.